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JCN Translation means a quality translation

JCN Translation is not just another translation agency or translation company: we offer you our network of professional translators located in China. These translators are used to working both alone or in teams. We pride ourselves in providing affordable and quality translation services in exactly the same way as large and expensive translation agencies.
Our translators are experts in their field of translation and always translate into their mother tongue.

We offer our expertise and rigorous two-part translation process:

  • The translation is carried out in china by a specialist translator.
  • The translated text is then submitted to a critical revision by a project manager of our agency who verifies the terminology, accuracy, coherence in the cultural context, tone and style. If the project is multilingual, the global coherence of the message and its cultural impact in each context are equally examined and verified.



The reviser ensures in all cases that the presentation of the target text matches the presentation of the source text.







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JCN Translation, your translation agency in China